The Spanish Road Technology Platform (PTC), is a discussion forum for all Science-Technology-Enterprise stakeholders with a significant role in the promotion of R&D, employment, competitiveness and growth of Spanish road infrastructures.

The Platfrom’s main objectives are to:

Define a strategic vision for technological activities in the Spanish road sector.

Stimulate stakeholder cooperation by optimizing existing R&D investments and promoting new R&D projects.

Build R&D working guidelines and long-term priorities, in cooperation with national and international bodies.

Encourage knowledge transfer and good-practice exchange between the aforementioned stakeholders.

Our activities

Today the Spanish road sector faces important technological challenges which will influence the future road system, in particular in connection to:





In order to respond to these challenges and cover all areas, the Platform undertakes the following activities:

  • Management of a Technical Secretariat, which is responsible for the implementation of the Platform’s work plan
  • Regular organisation of Technical Conferences.
  • Management of 6 thematic Working Groups, in charge of exchanging information and identifying R&D priorities.
  • Elaboration and dissemination of R&D recommendations both in Spain and in EU institutions and fora.
  • Promotion of R&D initiatives and inter-company cooperation within the Platform.

Our structure

The Plenary Assembly includes all organisations participating in the Platform. Its functions are the approval of Statutes and the annual budget, the appointment of the Executive Committee and the definition of the main working guidelines and strategies.

The Executive Committee is in charge of defining and supervising the Platform’s work plan. Its members are appointed by the Plenary Assembly for a period of mandate of two years. The Executive Committee chooses a President amongst its members, who is responsible for the Platform’s high institutional representation.

The Technical Secretariat, with headquarters in Madrid, is responsible for the Platform’s daily management.

The Working Groups are pivotal point of the Platform’s activities, the bodies where the information exchange and the identification of R&D needs and priorities take place. Every Working Group is headed by a Chairman, who is in charge of its institutional representation, and a Secretary, who is responsible for its management.

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