International Transport Forum and Fédération Indernationale de l’Automobile launch Safer City Streets

International Transport Forum and Fédération Indernationale de l’Automobile launch Safer City Streets

International Transport Forum (ITF) and Fédération Indernationale de l’Automobile (FIA) have partnered to launch Safer City Streets, a global traffic safety network for liveable cities.

This move has been taken as road safety is a growing issue for mayors and city managers. Crashes on urban roads and streets are leading to fatalities and injuries.

ITF secretary-general José Viegas said: “Safer City Streets provides city officials high-value information for better decision making.

“Member cities have access to policy-relevant data, a network of experts and targeted analysis.

“It provides global networking and learning opportunities for city officials and the possibility to carry out research on topics of common interest.”

Safer City Streets aims to fill this gap by linking cities that are working towards making their citizens safer in traffic by making improvements in the empirical evidence for policy decisions.

Cities will provide data and information to the Safer City Streets database through a questionnaire and in return, they will gain free access to data from peer cities.

Fédération Indernationale de l’Automobile president Jean Todt said: “There is no urban agenda without safe and sustainable mobility.

“Improving road safety in cities is central to advancing the post-2015 development agenda.

“Cities should scale up efforts to transform urban mobility, making it safe and accessible for a growing number of city dwellers. It is my hope that the Safer City Streets will serve as a global platform for sharing best practices in urban policy making.”

The ITF will manage the data as well as will be responsible for validation, analysing and administrating the network.

Safer City Streets is developed on the basis of a 2013 pilot project, where nine cities from Europe and North America shared data on crashes, population, mobility and traffic.

The success of the pilot project has given rise to a new idea of linking up cities worldwide for better road safety.

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