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Kapsch TrafficCom North America

Kapsch TrafficCom North America

Kapsch TrafficCom delivers technology that helps our clients manage their critical transportation facilities. We offer a diverse set of professional services that specialize in the design, development, integration, construction and support of high-availability control, security / surveillance, and communication systems.

For 35 years, Kapsch TrafficCom has served the transportation market by designing and building intelligent transportation systems, information management systems, and control systems that leading transportation agencies use to effectively manage their roadways, bridges, tunnels, and rapid transit assets.

Our transportation solutions allow our clients to cost effectively monitor and improve their operations, enhance safety, and rapidly respond to real-time conditions and emergency situations using our fully integrated DYNAC® software suite.

Transportation management systems for bridges and tunnels

Maintaining efficient and safe travel through bridge and tunnel facilities requires systems that integrate a host of applications including traffic management, facilities management, SCADA, life-safety, surveillance, and security. We offer total system solutions that combine traffic and facility management functions with other vital facility services into a single, robust user interface.

Our advanced traffic management systems allow transportation agencies to maintain safe travel through their facilities by identifying unauthorized stopped vehicles, monitoring critical structure areas, and responding rapidly to emergency situations with real-time decision support tools.

Intelligent transportation systems for roadways

Transportation agencies rely upon our traffic management systems and services to manage their freeways, arterial networks, and rural highways. Our systems allow clients to efficiently manage their areas of responsibility, clear incidents, and disseminate real-time traffic information to the public in order to reduce the impact of accidents, stalled vehicles, adverse weather, or congestion.

Today, Kapsch TrafficCom intelligent transportation systems help transportation departments and authorities throughout the world more effectively manage over 200,000 incidents each year on more than 2,200 lane miles of roadway.

Integrated transit control and information management system

We provide turnkey services to combine various subsystems into a homogenous, fully integrated, high-availability, secure control and information management system. These subsystems include central control system, field control units, communication networks, passenger information systems (PA and VMS), radio and telephone systems, CCTV surveillance, access control, and fire systems.

DYNAC – advanced traffic management software

DYNAC Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS®) software delivers the reliability and real-time data needed to effectively manage highway, bridge, and tunnel operations. This field-proven NTCIP-compliant software has been in use by transportation agencies since 1990 to meet the growing demand for versatile intelligent transportation solutions.

DYNAC ATMS ensures optimal usage and safe passage on critical roadways, both under normal conditions and during periods when planned events or unexpected adverse conditions such as inclement weather, lane closures, vehicular incidents and heavy volume can impact the normal flow of traffic.

DYNAC ATMS features:

  • Vehicle detection and traffic monitoring
  • Automatic incident detection
  • Integrated intelligent video management
  • Real-time decision support
  • Stopped vehicle detection
  • Motorist advisory information through VMS, HAT, telephone and the Internet
  • Integrated real-time travel time advisories
  • Integrated dispatch communications
  • Ramp metering
  • Automatic emergency and maintenance vehicle location, reporting and dispatch
  • Integrated roadway weather information
  • Dynamic gate control, scheduled HOV moveable median barrier, and reversible roadways
  • Supervisory control of traffic signalization systems
  • Closed loop control of ventilation systems
  • Integrated bridge and tunnel facility lighting, standpipe and electrical controls
  • Interface to site access, security and fire protection systems

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