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Kapsch TrafficCom to modernise Austrian GO toll collection system

Kapsch TrafficCom to modernise Austrian GO toll collection system

Kapsch TrafficCom, a global company that offers intelligent transportation systems, has secured a contract from Austria’s highway and expressway operator ASFINAG (Autobahnen- und Schnellstraßen-Finanzierungs-Aktiengesellschaft), for implementing and operating the GO Maut 2.0 – Mauttechnik toll collection system.

As per the terms of the contract, Kapsch will be responsible for modernising roadside infrastructure at across 500 locations, as well as bringing the corresponding center (RSE proxy) up to the latest technological standards.

The contract between the two parties has been signed and work is due to begin immediately.

Upon the approval of the new system, technical operation of the system will run for a period of ten years, with the option of five one-year extensions.

The modernisation works of Austrian GO toll collection system includes a new single enforcement gantry, which will be equipped with radio beacons and cameras for number plate recognition, as well as an optical vehicle classification system designed for use in a national toll collection system.

By using high-resolution cameras and stereo video imaging processing technologies, highway operators will be able to determine the vehicle class and number of axes on each vehicle.

The redesigned control center will feature new plausibility algorithms based on database image processing methods, which would enhance the efficiency of toll enforcement, as well as lead to a significant reductions in the cost of enforcement operations.

As part of modernisation works, the company will be deploying new energy saving components for roadside toll technology which will result in reduction in energy consumption at Austrian toll collection sites.

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