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INDRA: Kick-off meeting del proyecto AUTOCITS

INDRA: Kick-off meeting del proyecto AUTOCITS

AUTOCITS Regulation Study for Interoperability in the Adoption of Autonomous Driving in European Urban Nodes

Project decription:

The aim of the AUTOCITS project is to contribute to the deployment of C-ITS in Europe by enhancing interoperability for autonomous vehicles as well as to boost the role of C-ITS as catalyst for the implementation of autonomous driving. To do that, three pilots will be implemented in three major European cities: Paris, Madrid and Lisbon, located along the Atlantic Corridor.

These three pilots will test and evaluate the deployment of C-ITS services in autonomous vehicles under the applicable traffic regulation. These pilots include testing of autonomous driving supported with C-ITS in open and closed traffic to check the applicable traffic rules. In concrete, the Action will conduct a study on traffic regulation for autonomous vehicles aimed primarily at urban nodes connected to the main transport network.

Aspects of real-time monitoring, communications infrastructure, guiding strategies for complex manoeuvres and high-level strategies for management of the autonomous vehicle from traffic control centres will also be addressed.

The action will also study the extension of the results and large scale deployment in other European countries and contribute to initiatives such as the C-Roads and C-ITS platforms and other European standards organizations.

AUTOCITS brings the road authorities (DGT, ANSR) and C-ITS experts (INDRA, UPM, INRIA, UC, IPN) to carry out a study to contribute to the C-ITS Platform and bring answers to the field of automation.

Indra´s Role:

Indra coordinates the consortium that brings together national road authorities (DGT and ANSR) and C-ITS experts in the field of autonomous vehicles (UPM, INRIA, UC & IPN).

Indra also leads the Madrid pilot with the support of the DGT and UPM. In this pilot, a “Day 1” C-ITS service will be deployed to inform vehicles of any incidents affecting the road such as road works or weather conditions. The pilot will be deployed in the BUS-HOV lane located between the M30 and the M40 road.

Indra also leads the communication and dissemination activities in the project. With the support of all the partners, dissemination material, communication channels and workshops will be prepared to share the project results to the European community. In addition, It will be established the collaboration with other stakeholders, platforms and initiatives related to Connected and Autonomous Vehicles in order to increase the visibility of the project results.

With this project, Indra will contribute to the enhance deployment of Intelligent Transport Services for Road. It will also contribute to optimizing the integration and interconnection of transport modes, enhancing the interoperability of transport services while ensuring the accessibility of transport infrastructures.

Tecnologies used

Intelligent Transport Services Cooperative Systems, ITS-G5, C-ITS Services
More information

This Project, under reference nº 2015-EU-TM-0243-S, has been cofinanced by the European Commission under the CEF (Connecting Europe Facility) – Transport Sector programme, 2015 Call.

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