LIFE Call 2017: Factsheet and Deadlines

LIFE Call 2017: Factsheet and Deadlines

The 2017 LIFE Call is provisionally planned to be published on the 28 April 2017. Please find below an indicative timetable for the call.

Here below is a factsheet that simplifies the information that you may find in the LIFE programme website and emphasizes only those sub-programmes that are directly relevant for your organization.

The relevant type of projects for you are the traditional projects with the following deadlines:

Priority CLIMATE                                                                                  DEADLINE 7 SEPT 2017
LIFE Climate Change Mitigation
LIFE Climate Change Adaptation
LIFE Climate Governance and Information

Priority ENVIRONMENT                                                                      DEADLINE 12 SEPT 2017
ENV – Environment and Resource Efficiency

Priority NATURE and BIODIVERSITY                                                 DEADLINE 14 SEPT 2017
NAT – Nature and Biodiversity
GIE – Environmental Governance and Information

LIFE (LInstrument Financier pour l’ Environnement) is the EU funding programme that finances projects that have a positive impact on the Environment and the Climate.


  • Transition to an efficient economy in the use of resources,
  • Improve the development, implementation and monitoring of the implementation of EU environmental and climate policies and legislation
  • Contribute to better environmental and climate governance
  • Contribute to the implementation of the 7th Environment Action Program


  • Territory of the EU and third countries; EFTA countries, EU candidate countries, political neighboring countries, European Environment Agency
  • Overseas countries and territories, provided that these activities are necessary for the achievement of the EU climate and environment objectives


  • With other EU financial policies and instruments
  • With European structural and investment funds; ERDF, ESF, EAFRD

SYNERGY with other EU programmes; Horizon 2020, external action programs → avoid overlaps between programs


  • Public or private project sponsor, association
  • Beneficiary alone or with partners


  • Pilots: application of techniques or methods not applied or tested before or elsewhere that offer environmental and climatic advantages compared to current best practices
  • Demonstration: putting into practice, experimenting, evaluating and disseminating new or unknown actions, methods or approaches in the context of the project
  • Best practices: applications of appropriate cost-effective techniques, methods and approaches
  • Information, awareness-raising and dissemination: support for communication, dissemination of information and public awareness


  • Research projects (Horizon 2020 program)

… but possibility to evaluate the results of a Horizon 2020 project

  • Large infrastructure (when the cost is more than € 500,000)


  • Technical coherence
  • Financial coherence
  • European added value – quality of contribution to the objectives of LIFE
  • European added value – synergies and integration
  • European added value – reproducibility and portability
  • Non-eliminatory criteria: contribution to thematic priorities, transnationality, green public procurement …


  • Indicative duration: 2 to 5 years
  • Budget cost: from € 500,000 to € 5 million
  • Average subsidy: € 1.5 million
  • Max funding level: 60% of eligible costs


      Climate change mitigation

  • Policy or management approaches, best practices and solutions
  • Integrated approaches through strategies, plans of action at local, regional or national level
  • Knowledge base for the development, monitoring, evaluation and implementation of actions
  • Innovative technologies, systems, methods and instruments

      Adaptation to climate change (including ecosystem approaches)

  • Integration into other policy areas
  • Knowledge base for the development, monitoring, evaluation and implementation of actions
  • Integrated approaches to strategies and plans of action at local, regional or national level
  • Innovative technologies, systems, methods and instruments

      Climate Governance and Information

  • Awareness of climate actions
  • Communication, management and dissemination of information
  • Compliance and enforcement of EU legislation


      Nature (good practice projects) and Biodiversity (demonstration projects)
      Effective resource management (demonstration projects)

  • Effective resource management (demonstration projects)
  • Water, flood and drought, water industries
  • Management of coastal and marine areas, Forests
  • Waste (implementation of legislation); D4E, construction waste, food waste, hazardous waste, etc.
  • Efficient management of resources, soils, green and circular economy
  • Environment and health; Chemicals, noise, industrial risks
  • Air quality, pollution, industrial emissions, urban environment


  • Sharing of best practices
  • Information, communication and awareness campaigns
  • Monitoring and surveillance, promotion of non-judicial dispute settlement, etc.

LIFE 2017 priorities have already been communicated in the LIFE Multi-Annual Work Programme 2014-2017. We highly recommend to start the set up of your LIFE proposal before the call is published to increase the quality of your proposal and thus your chances of success.
For more information, examples of funded projects and support on the LIFE programme, please contact:

Djilali Kohli
Key Account Manager
Wavestone Innovation Management & Funding
Mobile: +32 494 40 55 29

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