Publicaciones de interés de Transport Research Board (TRB) y otros medios del sector

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*Informe “Using Falling Weight Deflectometer Data with Mechanist-Empirical Design and Analysis, Volume 1: Final Report”:

*Informe “Lime Utilization in the Laboratory, Field, and Design of Pavement Layers”:

*Informe “North American Study on Contracting Snow and Ice Response”:

*Informe “Clear Roads has released a report that describes data types and communication methods that allow communication between plow equipment and a point location. This concept is deemed Plug-and-Play, which is a protocol that fosters interoperability between winter maintenance equipment in the field and a central location”:

*Informe “Modelo del Código de Práctica de la FMOI para el Desarrollo Sostenible y la Gestión Ambiental”:

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