Publicaciones de interés de Transport Research Board (TRB) y otros medios del sector

Publicaciones de interés de Transport Research Board (TRB) y otros medios del sector

*Video “Watch the EDC-4 summit session on pavement preservation: how for an overview of how States are using the innovation.”:

*Validation of Revised Austroads Sprayed Seal Design Approaches: Site Inspection:

*Informe “A Watershed Approach to Mitigating Stormwater Impacts”:

*Innovation deployment, The age of e-construction y ITS is changing the world:

*Informe “Wildlife-Vehicle Collision Mitigation on State Route 260: Mogollon Rim to Show Low”:

*Informe “Pavement ME Design – Impact of Local Calibration, Foundation Support, and Design and Reliability Thresholds”:

*Informe “Heavy Vehicle Horizontal Stresses and Pavement Surface Performance”:

*Informe “Patch antenna sensor rosettes for surface strain measurement”:

*Informe “Analytical Method to Measure Water in Asphalt and Its Application to Emulsion Residue Recovery”:

*Informe “FHWA’s Office of Operations Research and Development has completed the Device to Everything (D2X) Hub Proof of Concept Field Test, a project focused on evaluating the hub’s ability to support the exchange of messages between connected mobile devices, vehicles, and intelligent transportation system (ITS) infrastructure. Testing was conducted from June 12 to 23 in Columbus, Ohio:

*The Institute for Transportation at Iowa State University has released a report that analyzes several field tests on a heavily used granular-surfaced road in Iowa. Granular-surfaced roads are easily subjected to freeze-thaw cycles, which can lead to severe damage during thawing periods:

*Informe “Best Practice Guide for Pavement Stabilisation”:

*Informe “Specification for Intelligent Compaction Technical Brief “:

*Informe “Color-Coded IC Maps Technical Brief “:

*Informe “Taking Representative Samples of Bituminous Binders”:

*Informe “Development of a Sprayed Seal Binder Cracking Test”:

*Informe “Use of Fiber-Reinforced Polymers in Highway Infrastructure”:


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Publicaciones de interés de Transport Research Board (TRB) y otros medios del sector

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