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RESIN project: to support resilient cities and their infrastructures

RESIN project: to support resilient cities and their infrastructures

Horizon 2020 RESIN project develops standardised approaches to increase the resilience of Europe’s cities and urban areas to extreme weather and climate change. RESIN has a specific focus on ensuring that critical infrastructures are better integrated into this process. 

The heart of the RESIN project‘s approach lies in the co-creation between the partner cities and the research institutes developing the products of the project. This process is actively supported by ICLEI (as a city network and knowledge brokerage organisation) and Arcadis from the viewpoint of a consultancy company.

The main products of the RESIN project include:

 A typology for European cities for adaptation to climate change that can be used to identify cities and regions with similar risk and adaptation profile;

Detailed guidance for an impact and vulnerability analysis (IVAVIA) including tools such as an impact chain diagram creator, and aggregation and calculation support;

A database of possible adaptation options with due attention for harmonisation of effectiveness and cost-efficiency information;

Standardised methods for prioritising between these adaptation measures which will be an input for an adaptation pathway design;

A common unifying framework for the adaptation decision making process, with associated methods, tools and datasets created to support decision-making at appropriate stages, in the form of an e-Guide;

Inputs for the international and European Standardisation organisations to enhance the standardisation of approaches in climate change adaptation.

The policy implications of the RESIN project: Panel discussion in a project meeting in November 2017

At the occasion of the RESIN November 2017 consortium meeting held in Brussels, a panel discussed the outcomes of the project in the light of EU policies and European urban challenges:

the urban risk typology have a value both for individual cities, allowing them to identify and learn from  comparable cities, and for national and EU institutions, that can use the typology for developing policies and distributing funding covering the variety of cities and regions in Europe;

equally all the harmonisation and standardization work within RESIN is beneficial for the cities and their stakeholders as it improves the quality of risk assessments and adaptation strategy making, and it contributes to more comparability between cities;

from the audience the development of a “stress-test” for cities to demonstrate where they are vulnerable to current and future extreme weather conditions was recommended;

a recurring topic was the value added of the co-creation process that is at the heart of the project. While it obviously contributes to the development of tools that are better and more widely applicable, it also contributes to the scientific quality of the research. The consortium was invited to publish on this aspect.

If you are interested in learning more about this project, don’t miss RESIN upcoming events:

Webinar on the Adaptation pathway approach, 11th December  2017, 10:00-11:45. 

RESIN Stakeholder Dialogue,” Solutions for strategic adaptation planning in European cities“, 1st February 2018, Manchester, UK. 

Open European Day at Bonn Resilient Cities, 25th April 2018, Bonn,Germany.

TECNALIA is partner of RESIN project

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