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Deadline for submitting abstracts is October, 30 2018
The 7th Eurasphalt & Eurobitume Congress will be held on 12-14 May 2020 in Palacio Municipal de Congresos in Madrid (Spain).
This congress is organised jointly by the European Asphalt Pavement Association (EAPA) and Eurobitume. The overall theme for the 2020 congress being:
“Asphalt 4.0 for future mobility”
The future mobility scenarios being developed now will clearly have impacts on our road infrastructure in the future. The traditional ways of travel will change and the use of automated and guided vehicles will have a greater effect on road requirements. The current recognised industrial change 4.0 – or often referred to as `smart’ industry – we are already seeing and experiencing will continue further spread across a much wider scope of impact and influence.
With more than 90% of the existing European road infrastructure being represented by asphalt materials, this means that as an industry we will also need to accommodate to the future mobility solutions either for maintenance or construction. The continued integration of digitalisation into industry practices, the needs to create better connectivity and data exchange platforms, and the general ambition overall to offer sustainable solutions will all play key roles!
Asphalt, bitumen and other related industries need to be ready for these future requirements – undoubtedly asphalt roads and the services they provide will remain of high importance in the future for all types of end users from cyclists, motorcycles, cars, buses and heavy goods vehicles regardless of the way they move forward. The focus however, will be to create smart roads and therefore smart asphalt.
We invite you to contribute to the industry’s future by supporting the next E&E Congress in 2020 through your attendance and contributions by providing written papers. Our aim is to highlight the importance of an efficient European road network and also the importance that research and new developments play in ensuring that the asphalt roads will be ready for all future demands and innovations.
New technologies do not only influence the future, they also have and will have a clear impact on the way we produce materials, pave and compact asphalt in the future.
The main objectives of the E&E Congress 2020 are to:
•provide a platform for our industry and stakeholders to demonstrate and learn from the innovation and new technologies
that have been developed and their impact on our products and processes over recent years.
•offer a unique opportunity for all stakeholders to engage, exchange ideas and network in a way that will encourage
positive action in the future.
•stimulate discussions and debates that will help to steer stakeholders to a common approach to future challenge

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