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TomTom (TOM2), a global manufacturer of navigating devices, has collaborated with the City of Amsterdam for the development of traffic and travel concepts, which aim to improve traffic flow and parking in Amsterdam.

The city of Amsterdam along with TomTom along will be exploring new ways to measure traffic flow, understand parking behaviour and enable city planners and inhabitants to make smarter traffic decisions in the Dutch capital.

Amsterdam Deputy Mayor Pieter Litjens: “This cooperation will make the city of Amsterdam smarter.

“That’s good news for the accessibility, traffic flow and air quality in the city.

“For example, if your navigation system sends you straight away to a free parking spot, it’ll save you countless kilometres of pointless driving around searching one.

“Thanks to TomTom’s insights, we will be able to look very specifically at the outcome of measures we take and see how effective they were.

“That way, we can continuously improve traffic and mobility throughout Amsterdam.”

Taking the advantage of TomTom’s Traffic data, would enable the city government will to make better decisions about accessibility and mobility throughout the city.

As part of this new agreement, traffic measures, such as road closures in the city centre, will be monitored thoroughly, which will lead to implementation of quick measures in case of any changes occur in the traffic situation.

TomTom Traffic and Travel VP Ralf-Peter Schäfer said: “This agreement adds to our ambition of making smarter cities of the future a reality.

“TomTom’s ability to advise local authorities as well as consumers makes it uniquely placed to create better mobility for the City of Amsterdam.

“Our real-time travel information enables rapid response on changing traffic conditions and historical travel information enables better planning as well as an improved traffic distribution by utilising the whole available infrastructure.”

The will also help TomTom to gain better insights into the needs of a city in terms of mobility and to further develop products to help a city’s mobility in the smartest way possible.

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