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BOMAG is offering an innovative digital tool for road construction in the shape of its new BOMAP tool. According to BOMAG, its new BOMAP tool is the solution for the digital earthworks and asphalt construction site. This system can be used to document work results on site in real time. The app can be installed on standard Android tablets and smartphones. Its use is said to be intuitive and the tool documents the passes for all makes of rollers, while the optional aerial provides even more precise GPS location. The tool can be fitted to any type of roller quickly and is immediately ready for use. For BOMAG rollers, the app can record additional readings and thus create documentation for continuous compaction control (CCC).

BOMAP can be downloaded free of charge from the Google Play Store and installed on any Android device. In contrast to earlier systems for continuous compaction control (CCC), BOMAP is said to be highly intuitive to operate, which eliminates the need for additional training.

BOMAP documents passes via GPS – for every roller, regardless of make. The result can be exported as a PDF and show the customer the compaction performance achieved on the construction site in a transparent and comprehensible way. This ease of use is said to be a real plus for working efficiency, minimising the risk of both over- and under-compaction.

The daily results are automatically documented and BOMAP features an easy-to-read colour scale. The different colour areas signal the degree of compaction, which optimises time management on the construction site.

For an even more precise compaction map, BOMAG also offers an optional GPS aerial with a magnetic holder, which is connected to the Android device by Bluetooth.

The BOMAG interface for measuring technology is called the BOMAG JOBLINK system. This package enables BOMAP to be connected directly to the BOMAG roller, and record other readings required for comprehensive and future-proof documentation such as EVIB, temperature, frequency and amplitude as well as useful status information on the machine.

Via the BOMAP cloud platform the machines in use can network with each other. This enables numerous additional functions and analyses that can be called up and implemented anywhere via BOMAP. Construction projects can also be planned and archived directly in the cloud.

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