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Disrupt Me: a programme for European corporations to engage with disruptive Israeli start-ups.

The ‘Disrupt Me’ programme gives access to fresh, adoptable Israeli technologies which can be a unique ‘leg up’ in Europe.  In the past 15 years Israel became home to thousands of high-tech start-ups focusing on innovation and global technology development. However, when it comes to go-to-market strategy Israeli companies mostly skip Europe and go directly to the US market. This is a significant lost opportunity for European corporations who could utilise these fresh technologies.

‘Disrupt Me’ at the EIT Hub Tel Aviv

The main goals of ‘Disrupt Me’ is to enable and enhance commercial collaboration and co-creation between Israeli start-ups and technologies and the EIT Innovation Communities. This includes bringing Israeli disruptive technologies in the fields of climate, food, health and urban mobility to European midsize companies that are looking for disruption as well as providing them with best practices and knowledge of corporate innovation.

The programme is designed by the EIT Hub Tel Aviv, an initiative of EIT and its Innovation Communities, namely EIT Climate-KICEIT FoodEIT Health and EIT Urban Mobility with the goal of inspiring and motivating technical cooperation and co-creation between European corporates and Israeli start-ups.


2019 is the pilot year for this programme, organised and managed by the EIT Hub Tel Aviv. The goal of the programme is the promotion of innovation and disruptive Israeli technologies in Europe through midsize European companies and to share Israeli-Europe innovation experience.

Participating companies will be engaged in a deep innovation process that will include:

  • ‘Need assessment sessions’ to select the main innovation and disruption challenge from a list of needs submitted by the selected company.
  • Deep Corporate Innovation consulting process to provide each company with a full background about the relevant field in the Israeli innovation ecosystem (climate, food, health and urban mobility) and doing business in Israel.
  • A four day matchmaking visit to Israel for matchmaking with preselected, top Israeli start-ups. The matchmaking will be complemented with workshops in which participants learn about the best practices of technology adoption and technology transfer to their particular industry domain.
  • Follow up and implementation process to support joint business development of European companies and Israeli start-ups on European markets. In the weeks and months following the programme participants will be encouraged to continue cooperation with the Israeli counterparts. The programme will include specific workshops and will provide tools to develop Proof of Concept initiatives back in Europe.

The main midterm specific outcome of the programme is that the participating European midsize corporations will develop new products or services utilising Israeli technologies and/or products and services. The programme will also feature a Proof of Concept development phase in which the European corporation is assisted by EIT in this effort.

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