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2014 Research Review

In 2014, NCAT released eight technical reports and two NCHRP reports covering a wide range of topics. A short summary of each follows. The full reports are available for download at

NCHRP Report 779: Field Performance of Warm Mix Asphalt Technologies
This report details the findings from NCHRP Project 9-47A, which documented field performance of 12 WMA technologies at 14 regionally diverse sites, compared engineering properties of WMA to HMA, and evaluated energy savings and emissions reductions for WMA production.

Field performance was essentially the same for both WMA and HMA at all projects. Minimal rutting was observed, no moisture damage was evident, and very little cracking was seen after several years in service. Dynamic modulus testing indicated lower stiffness for most of the WMA materials sampled during construction; however, these differences in material properties had no effect on rutting and cracking performance. Discrepancies were also seen between field performance and laboratory testing for rutting and moisture damage. Producing and placing WMA at lower temperatures was shown to reduce energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions, as well as worker exposure to respirable fumes.

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