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Atkins has launched a live engagement phase of a Digital Intelligent Brokerage (DIB) system designed to share knowledge and identify innovative solutions and partnerships to help tackle the pothole problem.

Supported by the Department for Transport (DfT) the project aims to identify the underlying issues and encourages technological and product innovations from SME networks particularly those outside the traditional highways sector.

The platform can also help assess technical and behavioural issues, accelerate research and prioritise proposals that could be taken forward.

An Atkins spokesman close to the project said: ‘Our approach simplifies SME participation in local authority procurement. We are currently working on this through engagement with Wiltshire, but we have the potential to extend that to the wider local authority sector, free of charge, via a simple online portal. Local authorities benefit from reduced procurement effort through DIB’s ability to match relevant SME’s to solve client challenges.’

SMs than want to provide input can do so through the “Opportunity Gateway” (click here.

The gateway was developed by Atkins and Wiltshire Council and has received support from multiple local authorities across the UK.

What’s in it for you? 

It is widely recognised that modern innovation and product development is often at the heart of SME’s across the country, but it can be time-consuming and costly.

  • Backed by the Department for Transport, Innovate UK and KTN, Digital Intelligent Brokerage (DIB) is a free to access system that simplifies SME participation in local authority procurement.
  • DIB enables SME organisations to access multiple clients with minimal effort in response to sector challenges.
  • DIB’s unique analytics also identifies where collaboration across SME’s could support more innovative solutions; presenting unique solutions to solve individual challenges, whilst also stimulating SME growth and expansion
  • DIB minimises the effort that SMEs need to invest to engage with potential clients across the UK

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