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Australia’s National Transport Commission (NTC) has released a new paper setting out guidelines for automated vehicle trials in the country.

NTC is responsible for improving the productivity, safety and environmental performance of Australia’s road, rail and intermodal transport systems.

NTC chief executive Geoff Allan said: “Developing a single and nationally agreed set of guidelines would help promote Australia as a test bed for automated vehicles by providing consistent conditions for trials, while at the same time encouraging innovation.

“The guidelines will also help support cross-border trials. By harmonising trial conditions and expectations across jurisdictions, governments can work with industry to further explore the potential economic, environmental and safety benefits of this technology.”

Geoff Allan added that on-road trials are important for ensuring the safe and efficient operation of automated systems in Australia.

Ministers certified the development of trial guidelines for automated vehicles earlier this month, as part of an NTC report.

The organisation will be accepting feedback on the guidelines through the NTC website until 16 January 2017.

In partnership with Austroads, the NTC will present recommendations on guidelines to transport ministers at the Transport and Infrastructure Council meeting, to be held in May 2017.

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