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Each year Austroads produces an annual report which details its work program, operations and financial management.

2014-15 was a year of significant time of change for Austroads with the appointment of a new Chair and Chief Executive.

This is the penultimate year for the delivery of the Austroads Strategic Plan 2012-16 and significant progress has been made delivering the strategic priorities outlined in the plan.

The annual report provides a detailed review of the strategic focus of each Austroads Program as well as the projects completed and progressed during the year.

At a glance, in 2014-15 Austroads:

  • invested $9.5m in its research work program
  • employed 8 national office staff
  • undertook work in 166 projects
  • completed 59 projects (20 more than last year)
  • published 77 reports and updates to the Austroads Guides
  • enabled 266,000 Austroads publications to be sold and downloaded
  • hosted 340 practitioners at the Austroads Bridge Conference
  • enabled 100 million NEVDIS database transactions.

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