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En los 7 seminarios web planificados se abordarán muy diversas temáticas sobre la movilidad peatonal.

Austroads has released a report which provides up-to-date guidance on pedestrian planning and design in line with national and international best practice.

Richard Delplace, Program Manager Transport Network Operations, says walking contributes to public health benefits through increased physical activity and reduction in social isolation, is environmentally friendly compared with other modes, and also provides wider economic benefits.

“Walking is a critical component of our existing transport system and will undoubtedly continue to be so in the future. As such, it is critical to continuously improve the Austroads guidance to better consider pedestrian movement,” Richard said.

Eight themes were identified to drive the guidance update, including:

  • introducing the concepts of ‘walkability’ and ‘network accessibility’ as key transport planning tools
  • better recognising walking as a mode of transport and the footpath as an important part of the road cross section
  • updating the different types of pedestrians and how to address their needs
  • emphasising and embedding the characteristics of a good walking network and facility
  • encouraging priority for pedestrians where appropriate
  • reinforcing safety and personal security outcomes for pedestrians

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