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Austroads has published a new Technical Specification and Test Method related to pavement markings.

Austroads Technical Specification ATS 4110 sets out the performance based requirements for the application of:

a) longitudinal pavement marking (using waterborne road marking paint, thermoplastic or cold applied plastic material)

b) audio-tactile pavement marking

c) temporary pavement markers.

The specification includes directions for the types of materials used and their application, the equipment used, the protection of people property and the environment, the removal of redundant markings and performance criteria.

The Austroads Technical Specifications are a comprehensive suite of specifications for the construction of roads and bridges. The specifications detail the requirements for the supply of materials, treatments and infrastructure.

Austroads Test Method AGPT/T800 defines the procedure for performing field assessment of pavement marking retroreflectivity (night-time visibility) using a low angle retroreflectometer. It also defines a suitable minimum sampling requirement for all longitudinal and transverse pavement marking types. This new test method is referenced in ATS 4110.

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