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These eight online learning units cover the fundamentals of traffic management. The units cover 22 modules, each includes a video with in-session exercises. Some modules include additional tutorials. Links are provided to the relevant parts of the Guide to Traffic Management, log in to your account for access. Closed captions are available on all the videos, you can turn captions on and off using the CC button on each video.

Unit 1: Introduction to Traffic Management

1-1 Introduction to the Learning Modules and Objectives and Principles of Traffic Management
Unit 2: Traffic Behaviour and Traffic Theory Fundamentals

2-1 The Stochastic Nature of Traffic Behaviour
2-2 Fundamental Speed-flow-density Relationships
2-3 Fundamental Microscopic Relationships
Unit 3: Transport Study, Traffic Data and Analysis Methods

3-1 Transport and Traffic Data
3-2 Traffic Analysis Concepts
3-3 Capacity Analysis
Unit 4: Transport Operations Control Strategies and Systems

4-1 Objectives and Principles of Transport Operations
4-2 Signalised Intersections – Operations and Control Strategies
4-3 Unsignalised Intersections – Stop, Give Way and Roundabouts
4-4 Overview of Traffic Management Centres
Unit 5: Network Operations Planning

5-1 Network Operations Planning Accessibility
5-2 Network Operations Planning Process
5-3 Road Space Allocation and Road Use Priority
5-4 Movement and Place
Unit 6: Network Performance Monitoring and Management

6-1 Network Performance
6-2 Traffic Congestion and Management
6-3 Traffic Incident and Event Management
6-4 Traffic Modelling
Unit 7: Safe System Approach to Traffic Management

7-1 The Safe System Approach
Unit 8: Intelligent Transport Systems

8-1 Intelligent Transport Systems for Traffic Control
8-2 Managed Motorways – Operational Principles, Managed Motorway Toolkit

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