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[:es]The Canadian Government are set to invest approximately US$36 million for road infrastructure adjacent to the Port of Montréal, announced Canada’s Minister of Transport; the Honourable Marc Garneya.

The investment will improve the fluidity and efficiency of the road infrastructure — helping local businesses and the port compete by transporting their local goods to market.

The project will provide a direct link between the Port of Montréal and the highway to reduce congestion on Notre-Dame Street, ensuring that containers continue to move fluidly from the terminals.

The work is set to involve the extension of the De l’Assomption Boulevard between Notre-Dame and Pierre-de-Coubertin streets, which will make it possible to connect a new road at the port exit to future road extensions, and will create a road link between the port and the Trans-Canada highway.

The project is expected to have a significant positive impact on the economy and will generate approximately 460 jobs during construction.

The investments to infrastructure around the port are part of the Government of Canada’s continued efforts to invest in projects that benefit Canada’s supply chain and overall infrastructure — which will look to support economic activity by addressing bottlenecks and congestion along trade corridors, help reduce the transport systems impact on the climate, and help boost the fluidity of Canadian global trade.

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