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Target groups

Public authorities carrying out public procurement; suppliers of goods and services to public authorities; small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs); trade associations; providers of professional services (e.g. legal, audit, architectural); medical sector professionals; employees and trade unions; civil society organisations; and the general public.

Consultation period

This consultation will last for 12 weeks. Questionnaires should be completed by 7 July 2015, at the very latest.

Objective of the consultation

Gather evidence, opinions and feedback regarding the respect of intellectual property rights and trade secrets in public procurement procedures. The consultation also aims to gather information on whether or not there is a need for specific guidance on this issue.

This initiative was proposed in the Communication from the Commission to the European Parliament, the Council and the European Economic and Social Committee, “Towards a renewed consensus on the enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights: An EU Action Plan”, COM(2014)392, 1.7.2014. See in particular action 9.

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