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Wednesday 17th of June  2020 at 14.00-15.30 (UTC +3h)

Even though urbanization will continue to be the main societal trend in the coming decades, the majority of road networks by length will remain in rural areas. The adequate condition of this vascular road network system will be critical for the support of society at large and for this reason the development of sustainable asset management for rural roads should not be forgotten. This session will focus on the current and future challenges in rural road asset management and will also present research results and solutions that have proven to be successful, such as the ROADEX projects and PEHKO project.

Webinar moderator

Krister Palo, Trafikverket, Swedish Transport Administration, Sweden

NOTE: This webinar will be recorded. By continuing to the webinar you are consenting to be recorded.

Speakers of the webinar

Ron Munro, Munroconsult Ltd, Scotland
“ROADEX project – 20+ years research and implementation of new knowledge in rural road asset management”

Olli Mourujärvi, Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment, Lapland, Finland
“PEHKO project, Implementing ROADEX results in Finland”.

Mika Pyhähuhta, Laboratorio Uleåborg, Finland
“The role of eLearning and social media in rural road asset management”

Annele Matintupa, Roadscanners Oy, Finland
”New road survey technologies in rural road asset management”.

Goran Mladenovic, University of Belgrade, Serbia
“Challenges and solutions with rural road asset management in Southeastern Europe”.

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