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The goal of this course is to provide public and private sector practitioners with an understanding of the basics of connected vehicle and automated vehicle technology. This introductory course highlights the USDOT’s connected and automated vehicle research and efforts and the technologies’ benefits and implications. Participants will learn about the applications envisioned for the connected vehicle and automated vehicle environments.

The course consists of the following WBT topics:

Topic 1: What Are Connected Vehicles and Automated Vehicles?

Topic 2: Technologies and Applications for Connected Vehicles and Automated Vehicles

Topic 3: Research Toward Implementation

Topic 4: Testing and Piloting the Technologies

Topic 5: Resources for Deployment

This course was launched in –month– 2019.

Some of the topics include videos and links to more resources.

This web-based course (WBT) offers an End-of-Course Assessment that qualifies you to receive Continuing Education Credits (CEUs).

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