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Zebra Technologies, a wireless connectivity company based in the US, has offered support to Smart Mobility Test Bed Consortium by Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and NXP Semiconductors, by providing wireless infrastructure required for its test bed project.

The test bed, which is located at NTU’s campus, is an intelligent transportation system being developed for smart cars and traffic systems as it replicates a city with live traffic.

Zebra’s wireless AP 6562 dual radio 802.11n mesh access points will be deployed to create a wireless network that connects vehicles, roadside units (RSU), traffic cameras and traffic lights.

The project is a part of Singapore’s Smart Mobility 2030 vision that aims to optimise transport systems and enhance commuter travel experience with the help of advanced intelligent transport systems.

Perth and Kinross Council has awarded a £35m ($46.38m) contract to Balfour Beatty to execute the first phase of the four phases of the Perth Transport Futures Project in Scotland.

Initiated under the Scape Group’s National Civil Engineering and Infrastructure Framework, the project aims to ease congestion and enhance accessibility to the city. It will also generate up to £500m ($655m) in economic activity.

The contractual scope includes developing a new grade-separated junction on the A9 dual carriageway and a new link road to enable access to development land to the west of the city.

Construction of the first phase is scheduled to commence in September and will be completed in spring 2019.

In a bid to modernise Algeria’s traffic management system, Indra and SICE, both based in Spain, have joined a public-private partnership called Mobeal, which is responsible for executing a number of projects in the country.

Algerian companies, EGCTU and ERMA hold 51% and 49% share respectively in the PPP.

By joining the PPP, Indra will be responsible for traffic management projects such as the installation of traffic lights, smart management systems and remote management of lighting in the cities of Algeria.

The first phase of the project will begin in the city of Algeria and gradually spread to other big cities in the country.

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