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VolkerWessels has developed a technology which allows nitrogen emissions produced by large, mainly stationary equipment during the construction phase of projects to be reduced by as much as 99%. We call this technology the NoNOx filter.

Proven technology

The NoNOx filter comprises a number of proven technological components. Smart linking of these technologies enables the filter to do its work and thus reduce emissions of nitrogen during the construction phase by up to 99%. The filter works by converting the NOx in the exhaust fumes into non-harmful substances.The prototype of the solution has already been tested at various sites. The operation and performance of the technology have been validated by an accredited air monitoring service as being in accordance with NEN and ISO standards.

NoNOx filter for stationary equipment

The NoNOx filter unit can be attached to the exhausts of existing diesel equipment. Being mounted in a generator frame the unit is particularly suited for use with stationary and low-mobility equipment such as generators, drilling frames, pile-driving rigs and construction cranes. It is less suitable for high-mobility equipment such as excavators, asphalt spreaders, loaders and dumpers. VolkerWessels has reached an advanced stage in the development of a smaller NoNOx unit which is suitable for highly mobile equipment.

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