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DG MOVE invites stakeholders to provide their input on Activities 3.2, 3.3 and 3.4 of the new working programme(link is external) of the ITS Directive, related to the possible revision of Delegated Regulation No 2015/962(link is external) (regarding the provision of real-time traffic information services).

VVA Economics & Policy is currently undertaking a support study and is now in the data collection phase.

Survey respondents are invited to:

  • Provide their insight on expected cost and benefits for including additional data categories in the revision of Delegated Regulation 2015/962;
  • Assess the possibility to expand the geographical scope of the Delegated Regulation (i.e. beyond TEN-T, motorways and priority zones defined by Member States);
  • Identify data gaps and optimal geographical coverage of RTTI (Real-Time Traffic Information) data;
  • Understand the opportunity for the use of in-vehicle generated data, in a business-to-government context, for road operation purposes;
  • Explore the possibility to mandate availability for essential data types; and
  • Validate the identified needs in terms of data quality.

The survey is available via the following link: is external).

The survey may take 15-45 minutes (depending on how many sections you choose to answer). Respondents who have completed the questionnaire could be invited to participate in the final workshop meeting that takes place in November or December to discuss the findings of the study. The deadline for completing the survey is 30 September 2020 at 23h59 CET.

The study team can be contacted via email at

Fuente de la noticia:,71276,JQJKJ1,SCNLV,1

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