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The Digital Catapult wants to hear from any small or medium sized businesses interested in developing innovative approaches to smart cities and transport data for our Pit Stop with government agency, the Defence, Science and Technology Laboratory happening in March.


This one and half day Pit Stop will explore smart transport and the data it generates to develop insights into the future of urban environments in the UK and beyond. In the future, the global population will increasingly be found living in cities. In addition, future urban environments are very likely to be smart environments, enabling more efficient and effective delivery of services.

These future smart urban environments are likely to be characterised by a high degree of connectivity between infrastructure and inhabitants, the large amounts of data produced by these connected devices and an increasing use of autonomy to support the delivery of services to citizens.

The UK Military is often required to support host nation governments operating in cities in the aftermath of natural disasters or during stabilisation or counter insurgency operations – ensuring vital public services continue to be delivered to citizens. Dstl, providing Science and Technology support to the UK Military, is therefore interested in better understanding future smart urban environments and how the military can operate within them, minimising the risk to the local population and themselves.

One key aspect of future cities will be the use of transport – whether through the use of sensors to improve traffic flow, the increased integration of private and public transport, the increasing use of automation in transport or other changes. In particular, the rate of take-up of these aspects of future transport and the mix of approaches that will be utilised will provide invaluable insight for potential future operations.

How can I get involved?

This Pit Stop will explore the potential future of transport in smart cities and the data that will be utilised within these future systems. We are looking to explore use cases and pilots with companies that have developed innovative solutions for smart transport and the use of transport-based data, including solutions working with sensors, edge computing, big data, automation, predictive analytics, and more. If you are an expert or SME working in this space, apply below to take part in the Pit Stop.

Date and times

The closing date to submit your interest for this Pit Stop is Friday 12 February 2016. Please fill in the short form below and our team will come back to you within 14 days of the call closing. The Pit Stop takes place from 3 – 4 March 2016. To apply, please see the form below.

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