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Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has completed connecting all 408 traffic signals in the emirate with the traffic control centre using wireless 3G technology.

Some isolated traffic signals have also been linked through 3G technology, accomplishing the programme’s aim of converting all of Dubai’s traffic signals from a cable-based system to a wireless network.

The project, which is part of Dubai Government’s initiative to transform Dubai into a smart city, involved replacing the cables used in linking light signals with the traffic control centre by a wireless network.

The new system is considered cost-efficient compared with the previous situation, which required an intensive infrastructure in terms of cables, telephone lines to run the service nearby each signal.

In addition to reducing the lag in the timing of light signals, the system also saves the cost of providing these lines, along with the risks of losing connectivity in case of any technical glitches or physical malfunctioning that reflects positively on streamlining the control of light signals through the control centre.

RTA Traffic and Roads Agency CEO Maitha bin Udai said: “Benefits of the new system include remotely controlling the timing of light signals and managing them to cope with the changes in the traffic flow, which translates into low congestions at junctions.

“Moreover, the system enables diagnosing, managing and synchronisation of the timing of the cableless linking facility (CLF) plans to ensure the efficient and optimal functioning of the traffic signals control systems.

“If there is a need for additional traffic signals, they can be easily and quickly linked with the control centre at a cost lower than previously incurred when telephone lines were used.”

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