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Roads use active traffic management technologies to detect incidents, respond to risks, prevent accidents, pinpoint traffic bottlenecks, reduce congestion and keep traffic flowing. The benefits are substantial: decreasing accidents by 35%, injuries and fatalities by 31% and congestion by 20%. Unfortunately, these technologies rely on expensive supportive infrastructure such as electrical and communication cables, making them prohibitively expensive at >£1M/KM. As a result, less than 4% of roads enjoy these benefits. Valerann has developed a wireless, solar-powered, multi-sensory solution to bring the benefits of traffic management to all roads, at just 20% of the cost of current solutions. By leveraging satellite communications and geo-positioning, the ITS Equant consortium aims to make Valerann’s technology more scalable and capable in roads where there is limited cellular connectivity. In doing so, the consortium will make the benefits of active traffic management available to all roads.

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