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As the first wrong-way detection system in the nation to provide real- time tracking of wrong-way drivers, the I-17 pilot served as a proof-of- concept for how traffic operations center dispatchers and law enforcement can work together to swiftly apprehend wrong-way drivers before they cause harm to themselves or others.

The pilot system deployed on a 15-mile freeway segment uses time- proven components and assembles them in a new and innovative configuration.

• Thermal cameras for detection.

• Wrong-way signs with flashing LED borders for wrong-way driver notification.

• Decision support software for immediate recording, notification, verification, and communication.

• Ramp meter pre-emption to restrict right-way vehicles from entering the freeway.

• Closed-circuit traffic cameras for tracking errant vehicles.

• Dynamic message signs for right-way vehicle notification.

• TOC dispatchers and DPS troopers based at the TOC for operation of the wrong-way system and coordination with law enforcement.

• Law enforcement personnel for interception and apprehension. Increased wrong-way vehicle detection and improved notification and coordination between ADOT and law enforcement have been the most significant benefits of the system.

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