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Motorists continue to experience increasing levels of congestion on America’s roadways. More than half of all congestion is due to unexpected or nonrecurring delays, caused by crashes, work zone construction, special events, or other factors. Inconsistent travel conditions are frustrating, cost travelers time and money, and put motorists and traffic incident responders at greater risk.

Reliability promotes the quality and consistency of travel times encountered by people as they go about their daily lives. To improve travel-time reliability, transportation agencies need data monitoring, analysis, and planning tools to understand fluctuations in traffic and to identify effective strategies to reduce the variable and uncertain travel times caused by recurring and nonrecurring congestion. Traditionally, analysis tools have focused on average conditions and not the range of travel times and how they vary over time in response to various traffic, roadway, and weather conditions.


The Bundle: Reliability Data and Analysis Tools (L02/L05/L07/L08/C11)

SHRP2 has developed a bundle of products to help agencies address travel-time reliability as part of a logical path of improvement from data to decisions:

Data Collection, Analysis, DecisionThese products enable agencies to include reliability in their assessment of transportation alternatives so they can consider a more complete set of benefits in their decisions.


These tools help transportation agencies better identify and implement strategies to reduce the variability and uncertainty of travel times for commuters and other travelers as well as the freight industry. State and local transportation agencies, shippers and receivers, business owners, and commuters all benefit from this suite of products.

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