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TRL Software has been developing an urban traffic control (UTC) system that includes SCOOT (Split Cycle Offset Optimisation Technique), known as the TRL Software UTC Powered by SCOOT 7. The wealth of data that is produced by SCOOT and the UTC, hitherto, has not always been easily available. TRL’s SCOOT UTC produces data which can be accessed in real-time (as SCOOT runs) or stored to be made available offline for later analysis.

Open data historically focused heavily on the belief that “if we open the data they will come”. However, the lack of two-way engagement limits the understanding of data requirements and how an authority can better support exploitation.

TRL Software is currently working with a leading UK transport authority in order to explore the possibilities that are created by making SCOOT data openly available. The authority manages the traffic signals across multiple districts from a central control centre, with over 1,000 traffic signals connected to its UTC system. In order to continually improve operation of the network, data needs to be freely available to those who can make valuable use of it.

Within this project, both parties are engaging potential users to better understand their needs, opening up data to a more user-driven approach. As part of the project the SCOOT UTC has been successfully implemented on a selected part of the network, with emphasis on showing that selected SCOOT data can be accessed in a real implementation.

Access to this data allows third-party applications to be developed that process the data into meaningful and informative outcomes designed to benefit the travelling public. Furthermore, these applications could facilitate future developments within the connected vehicle framework.

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