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Access to Energy Resources has Immense Challenges in Winter Conditions.

In late fall, wet, muddy conditions can slow down access to energy sources in Western Canada’s oil sands region—making access by heavy trucks and equipment nearly impossible. So, energy companies wait for frozen ground before ramping back up on production. Even in winter, access to remote oil sites creates challenges—undeveloped roads, poor soil conditions and limited road building resources.

Companies have relied on Presto’s GEOWEB® 3D soil confinement system and Canadian geosynthetics supplier/installer Layfield Canada to get over these challenges and access their lease; even in some of the toughest site and weather conditions. Layfield’s 40-year experience in the region is unmatched in the industry—providing design support and construction oversight and ‘feet on the ground’ so energy companies can build roads and pads economically and efficiently.

The GEOWEB 3D System is Built for Tough Conditions.

“We did not like the material, we loved it.  The roads have been performing way above our highest expectations”.  Construction Procurement Manager, Canadian Oil Company for a Canadian Oil Road.

GEOWEB 3D technology allows the use of low-cost, local fill—such as sand—literally transforming it into stable, long-lasting, and low maintenance access roads and pads.  The extremely weather-resistant GEOWEB material is easy to transport and fast to install without heavy equipment or specialized crews…and the system reduces base construction costs by using 50% less fill.

Presto & Layfield Will Help You Get There.

Free Evaluations: Presto’s project evaluations ensure each project’s site conditions and loading requirements are considered.

Construction Oversight: Layfield’s local, experienced on-site support helps contractors get in and out of sites on time, and under budget.

Find out why so many of the biggest energy companies rely on the GEOWEB system for the fastest, most reliable access to their energy.

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