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The EU-funded SIMON project has introduced a new smartphone app, which enables users with reduced mobility to navigate over various modes of transport, orientation and parking.

People can test the new SIMON Mobile app at the project’s test sites in Portugal, Spain, Italy and the UK.

The new application will provide access to significant information such as the location of parking spaces for disabled people and lifts and ramps at public transport stations.

SIMON Mobile users can quickly validate parking and look at their parking history with the app, as it is integrated with the new EU smart parking card. This aims to reduce illegal parking and keep spaces free for those who need them.

In addition to particular information and navigation functionalities, the app will feature e-payment and e-id mechanisms for coordinated tariff policies and reduce fraud.

In the test cities, SIMON Mobile users can apply to take part in further testing of the app to enhance the functions for parking validation.

SIMON was created to help mobility impaired people in apsects of public parking areas and multiple transport modes, through the adoption of specific navigation information and access-rights management solutions.

The project will develop four new service platforms. SIMON SAYS provides access and right management for parking areas and public transport, SIMON ANSWERS offers navigation and mobility assistance, SIMON BOOKS helps in booking reserved parking spots and provide information on the status of parking spaces, and SIMON OPENS will help in managing urban barriers by, for example, limiting access to certain areas of the city.

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