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The information day will take place on 28 September 2016 in Brussels. It will address potential applicants to the Horizon 2020 ‘Smart, green and integrated transport‘ calls for project proposals under the 2016-2017 Work programme.

 About the event

Presentations of the information day will cover the various topics open for submission and the application procedure, as well as provide detailed information on the calls.

A brokerage event  will take place in the afternoon. More information and the agenda will follow.

Please take a look at the event agenda.


Registration for the information day is compulsory and free of charge. Please note that due to a limited seat number at the conference venue, maximum two people from the same organisation will be registered.

We encourage you to register early in order to secure your seat. The registration is now closed!

If you registered to participate in the information day, we encourage you to also register for the brokerage event taking in the afternoon.

You will also have the possibility to follow the event via web streaming and on Twitter using #H2020TransportInfo. If you have questions for the speakers, please send them by email before the event. We will also take questions by email and on Twitter during the event.

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