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The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) in the US has released a new Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I) guidance that can improve safety and mobility by accelerating the deployment of V2I communication systems.

The new guidance complements the department’s effort to minimise crashes by advancing (Vehicle-to-Vehicle) V2V communication technology. The new guidance was announced by the US Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx.

Foxx said: “V2I will make our roads safer and save lives. This is an important step in deploying a connected vehicle environment.”

V2I communication is reported to be a critical component in the connected vehicle environment, which features a system of hardware, software, firmware and wireless communication that enables the dynamic transfer of data between vehicles as well as between vehicles and elements of the roadway infrastructure.

FHWA Administrator Gregory Nadeau said: “In addition to improving safety, vehicle-to-infrastructure technology offers tremendous mobility and environmental benefits.

“We took a big leap forward today by starting a national conversation about these topics, the future of V2I technologies and some of the bigger challenges facing us, such as privacy, security and interoperability.”

FHWA has designed and developed the V2I Guidance to help transportation system owners as well as operators as they deploy V2I technology.

The new guidance can assist transportation agencies and tollway authorities understand the decision to deploy V2I technology could mean to their region, prepare for emerging V2I/V2V technologies and leverage federal-aid funds to deploy them.

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