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A Cintra-led consortium has been selected as the preferred bidder for the €1.01bn (£768m) D4 and R7 motorway projects of the Bratislava beltway in Slovakia.

Selected by Slovakia’s Ministry of Transport, the consortium will oversee the design, build, finance, operation and the maintenance of the project.

Other member companies of the consortium include Ferrovial, Austrian construction company Porr and Australian group Macquarie.

The project will see the construction of a ring road, D4, around Bratislava, and a new radial road, R7.

D4 will be a 27km highway, with two lanes each way, forming a beltway to the east of the city and connecting it with the existing radial roads.

The 32km R7 radial highway will run from the centre of the city in the south-eastern direction.

The project is intended to improve traffic conditions, boost economic growth and create new job opportunities.

Cintra will oversee the development of the project, while Ferrovial Agroman will undertake design and construction works in collaboration with its joint venture partner, Porr.

The concession is expected to run for 34 years, based on the availability of payments.

The construction work is expected to continue for four years and the financial closure of the project is scheduled approximately in the second quarter of this year.

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