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Last year ARRB received Commonwealth funding to deliver four Best Practice guides particularly focussed on Local Government Road Asset Management. These guides will deliver a harmonised approach to the standards and practices employed by Local Government across Australia.

The four guides have now been developed and will support national and international best practice in the procurement, design and management of materials for road construction, sealed & unsealed roads and structures.

In March and April 2020 we will running free webinars on the guides, which will discuss what has been developed, and showcase how to use the interactive guide PDFs.

The webinars are ideal for all those who would regularly use, reference, or benefit from the best practice guides, this is including but not limited to works supervisors, engineers and field staff.

The series includes the following four webinars:

Session 3 – Monday 20 April 2020 | 2PM (AEST)
Sealed Roads

Session 4 – Thursday 23 April 2020 | 2PM (AEST)
Materials for Road Construction

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