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Major roads will be designed to offer drivers panoramic views to reduce the number of crashes caused by fatigue, Highways England has said.

The Government-owned company will attempt to make beautiful landscapes visible to motorists as it designs £15 billion ($20 billion) improvements to motorways and major A-roads by 2021.

Enabling drivers to see ‘statement structures’ such as the Angel of the North in Gateshead and the Willow Man in Somerset could give them a sense of location and purpose, engineers say.

Highways England chief engineer Mike Wilson said: ‘Creating different vistas, different environments for people to consider, is a way of stimulating the road user.

‘You might argue they’re safer because of it.’

Asked if he was concerned that drivers could be distracted by the scenery, Mr Wilson replied: ‘They should be focused on the road.

‘But fatigue is a real challenge for road users.

‘Interesting views can ‘help them stay awake’, he added.

Sixty-seven people were killed and 479 seriously injured in crashes on Britain’s roads in 2016.

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