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Google has been experimenting with a horn system that does not confuse other drivers for its driverless vehicle project.

The search engine company declared this information in its latest self-driving car project monthly report.

The system will sound only when it is safe for other users on the road.

Google’s autonomous cars are being designed so that they can be fully aware of their surroundings and not distracted like human drivers.

MIT Technology Review reported that the horn system is a crucial step in developing driverless cars.

In the testing phase, Google’s engineers equipped autonomous cars so that they could differentiate between potentially tricky situations and false indications, reported

Initially, the team only used the horn within the vehicle to ensure other drivers were not confused by the beep.

Google’s test drivers recorded if the sound from the horn was at an appropriate level, and this feedback was passed on to the engineering team, which reworked the software.

Once the honking algorithms improved, the company began testing horn in the outside world.

The team has equipped the vehicles to understand different kinds of honks.

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