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Google Maps for iOS has added a feature that allows drivers to receive spoken traffic alerts while navigating roads.

The updated app informs drivers about accidents, traffic blocks or other traffic-related issues on the route before they commence their journey.

This will help drivers avoid traffic jams and choose alternative routes, as well as provide details when users search for several routes.

The new feature is available for users of iPhone and Android devices, which also enables drivers to add new or missing businesses using a sidebar.

Google Maps used to only indicate traffic conditions on routes through different colours, which were red when traffic congestion is high and orange or blue for roads with no hurdles or traffic.

The latest feature was added after Google announced it would be rolling out a new feature to Google Maps to help inform Android users about fuel prices at nearby filling stations.

By clicking a magnifying glass located at the top right corner of the screen, users can locate the closest grocery store, eatery or coffee shop.

The firm also updated its Google Drive cloud storage applications for both Android and iOS. Users of the app will be informed when a file has been shared with them. The alert provides a link, which helps users access the folder where the file has been saved.

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