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The twenty parts of the Guide to Pavement Technology assembles pavement knowledge from Austroads, road agencies and industry into an authoritative publication.

The Guide details different pavement types and the conditions they are best suited to throughout Australia and New Zealand. It also provides in-depth analysis and technical advice on construction, maintenance, and performance of road pavement surfaces.

The Guide to Pavement Technology comprises:

  • Part 1: Introduction to Pavement Technology (PDF | Online)
  • Part 2: Pavement Structural Design (PDF | Online)
  • Part 3: Pavement Surfacings (PDF | Online)
  • Part 4: Pavement Materials (PDF | Online)
  • Part 4A: Granular Base and Sub Base Materials (PDF | Online)
  • Part 4B: Asphalt (PDF | Online)
  • Part 4C: Materials for Concrete Road Pavements (PDF | Online)
  • Part 4D: Stabilised Materials (PDF | online being built )
  • Part 4E: Recycled Materials (PDF | Online)
  • Part 4F: Bituminous Binders (PDF | Online)
  • Part 4G: Geotextiles and Geogrids (PDF | Online)
  • Part 4I: Earthworks Materials (PDF | Online)
  • Part 4J: Aggregate and Source Rock (PDF | Online)
  • Part 4K: Seals (PDF | Online)
  • Part 4L: Stabilising Binders (PDF | Online)
  • Part 5: Pavement Evaluation and Treatment Design (PDF | online being built)
  • Part 6: Unsealed Pavements (PDF | Online)
  • Part 7: Pavement Maintenance (PDF | Online)
  • Part 8: Pavement Construction (PDF | Online)
  • Part 10: Sub-Surface Drainage (PDF | Online)

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