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Induction-heating of asphalt mixture is a preventive and non-intrusive maintenance technique used to accelerate the self-healing properties of road pavements, from the current days needed to heal micro-cracks to a few seconds. Preliminary tests have shown that the lifetime of asphalt pavements could be potentially extended by 30% with every healing treatment. The objective of HEALROAD project is to underpin industrialization of this technology. With this purpose, asphalt mixtures that can be induction heated will be developed, optimized and demonstrated. It is expected that this technique will postpone several years the need of major maintenance of wearing courses, improving the best value for money and resource efficiency.

HEALROAD – Induction heating asphalt mixes to increase road durability and reduce maintenance costs and disruptions is an INFRAVATION project coordinated by UNICAN.

The project launches new website.

Click on to visit the new website just launched for the HEALROAD project and you can also get more information at 

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