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China: Human Horizons (HH), a new Chinese startup focusing on “smart” technologies and new energy vehicles, unveils its Smart Road Demonstration Project in Yancheng, China. It is believed to be the world’s first Cooperative Intelligent Transportation System (C-ITS) and is being delivered through HH’s “Open Urban Road Test Project for Sensor Data Fusion and Computational Coordination” technology. This is a specific implementation of the “Smart Transportation” project under Human Horizons’ “3-Smart” (Smart Vehicle, Smart Transportation and Smart City) Strategy.

Ding Lei, Chairman of Human Horizons noted that, “Smart Transportation is an important component of smart cities. It is one of the best areas for implementing AI and Big Data analysis technologies. This is receiving great attention in major countries around the world. Building ‘Smart Roads’ is of strategic significance to the transformation and upgrade of the auto industry and to the creation of smart city ecosystems.”

Using “Road Sensing”, “Cloud Computing Coordination” and “In-Vehicle Control” technologies as building blocks, the “Smart Road” Demonstration Project simulates and integrates complex and detailed real-life traffic scenarios. These include intra- and inter-city traffic, highway and overpass traffic and comprehensive traffic dispatch. It also supports the testing of L3 (conditional), L4 (high level) and L5 (full) autonomous driving, and the testing of all types of smart vehicles.

In addition, the “Smart Road” Project leads the way in utilizing 5G communications for data transfer and cloud computing.

All this makes the Smart Road Project the world’s first open urban road test based on Sensor Data Fusion and Computational Coordination between roads and vehicles. This establishes a solid foundation for comprehensive optimization of traffic management, autonomous driving and smart transportation of the future.

As a key part of the “Smart Road” Project, HH has developed “H.H Pilot” (for autonomous driving), “H.H Parking” (for autonomous parking), and “H.H RSA-C” (Road-Sensing Architecture for V2X Coordination), enabling the vehicle to deal with multiple and complex scenarios in real-life traffic. The three technological platforms work together to ensure road safety, alleviate traffic congestion, and efficiently allocate road resources. The birth of these three advanced platforms will also help solve some constraints of autonomous driving such as high equipment costs and limited sensing (e.g. around blind corners). It will play a disruptive role in promoting the large-scale adoption of autonomous driving in the future. Smart road enabled autonomous driving will be more time-efficient, more reliable, more agile, and more intelligent.

All of this results in the HH Smart Road Project being technically more advanced than similar projects both locally and globally.

The “Smart Road” Project provides a good example of systematically solving urban transportation issues and improving the effectiveness of urban management. It signifies a further step towards the creation of a smart city. HH is striving to realize “four times worry-free” mobility – “driver(human)-free, accident-free, congestion-free, and road rage-free”.

When it comes to the vision for changing how people will travel in the future, Human Horizons is aiming high. The company is always pursuing “human-oriented” changes, looking at and solving issues from a holistic perspective. In the future, the “Smart Road” will also be opened to other industry players, allowing road testing of smart vehicles and self-driving vehicles installed with in-vehicle communication devices for V2X coordination. With this, Human Horizons would like to collaborate with other companies to create an ecosystem that will accelerate the implementation of Smart Transportation Strategies.

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