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Wrong-way driving continues to be a critical issue for many states around the country. Every single day there is a death caused by a wrong-way driver. This problem needs a solution because roadway users have the right to be able to travel on the road knowing they will be able to return home safely.

Image Sensing Systems is transforming how wrong-way detection systems are implemented by removing the uncertainty of wrong-way driver detection. “No roadway manager should have to question the validity of a wrong-way notification when it is received,” said Seth Anderson product manager at Image Sensing Systems. “Creating a successful wrong-way system is about more than meeting performance targets: it’s about removing that layer of uncertainty and allowing those responsible to focus on resolving the situation. Our methodology provides the accuracy and reliability at the highest levels needed to put trust in the system,” he added.

Image Sensing Systems is inviting roadway managers and agencies to be part of the solution by helping to refine its product, by setting up evaluation sites.

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