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Indra and SICE, two Spanish technology companies, have become part of a public-private partnership that will execute various projects in Algeria with the overall objective to modernise the country’s traffic management and urban lighting systems.

As part of this partnership, a public-private joint venture, called Mobeal, has been created in which the Algerian public companies EGCTU and ERMA hold equal shares of 51%, while the Spanish companies will hold equal shares of 49%.

Through this JV, Indra will execute projects for installing traffic lights, smart management systems and remote management of lighting in the cities of Algeria.

It is reported that the first phase of the modernisation project will begin in Algiers, Algeria’s capital and also the largest city, and will gradually spread to other large cities in the country in later phases.

The signing of the constitution of Mobeal counted with the presence of representatives of the four companies that comprise the new entity, the Governor of Algiers, Abdelkader Zoukh, the Algerian Minister of Public Works and Transportation, Boudjemaâ Talai, and the Ambassador of Spain in Algeria, Alejandro Polanco Mata.

ndra is known for developing and implementing smart technologies for traffic and urban public transportation management.

It  has a permanent branch in Algeria that takes care of important projects for Public Administrations and the Transport and Traffic market.

Since 1995, Indra has been present  in Africa, and the solutions developed by Indra are used in most of the continent’s countries through major projects in key markets for the economy.

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