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Spanish information technology company Indra has won two contracts to deploy its technology in a tunnel running from Chennai to Nashri, and the Navi Mumbai metro system in India.

The two contracts are collectively worth €11.9m.

The €6.5m technology implementation contract in the Chenani tunnel is expected to be completed in 12 months.

Indra’s contract responsibilities will entail the design, supply and installation of control system for the tunnel.

At 9.2km, the tunnel is considered to be the longest in South East Asia.

Indra will deploy its Horus solution in the control centre. This will enable the centralised integrated management of intelligent traffic systems (ITS), which will be installed in the tunnel.

The project entails setting up of automatic incident detection, video surveillance, traffic control, signaling, fire detection, access control and emergency call systems, along with integration of other subsystems such as lighting, ventilation, communication and energy systems, which would be supplied by local companies.

The Horus technology will enable monitoring of the tunnel at all times and help gain real-time information that would aid in decision making process. The automation of the operations will help in fast and accurate management of tunnel on day-to-day basis, as well as during emergencies.

Indra’s technology will also facilitate in providing real-time information to drivers, minimising the risk of accidents and enabling optimum utilisation of resources in emergency situations.

Indra is currently deploying its Horus technology to supervise road tunnels in London, the Columbian Bogotá-Villavicencio highway, the Bouira tunnel in Algeria.

The company also has accomplished major projects in Ireland, China, Mexico, Chile, Montenegro, Portugal and Morocco.

The company will also install its technology in the Navi Mumbai metro system, which is currently under construction. Indra has been awarded the contract to design, manufacture, engineer, supply and implement the access control and ticketing systems for the new metro line in Mumbai.

Under the €5.4m project, Indra will deploy advanced contactless ticketing system to improve service and information provided to 18 million Mumbai residents, while simultaneously facilitating the control, financial management and tracking of resources.

With the installation of this technology, passengers will be able to purchase electronic tokens or recharge their contactless cards at any of the 11 stations along the line by using an automatic dispensing machine or approaching customer service or ticket offices in these stations.

The access control systems will allow passengers to authenticate their cards by swiping through the scanner.

The solution by Indra will also feature portable top-up and inspection devices to carry out these processes efficiently on trains and platforms.

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