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INFRARISK Novel Indicators for identifying critical INFRAstructure at RISK from natural hazards), an EU-funded project (2013-2016), brings together 11 members with a well-balanced and strong partnership amongst universities, research institutions, SMEs, and a Large Enterprise, to develop a strategy to ensure that levels of infrastructure related risk due to natural hazards are acceptable. Stress tests are implemented through an operational framework that supports the work of managers, operators, stakeholders and policy makers, providing insight into the impact of extreme natural hazard events and enabling the vulnerability of their infrastructure networks to be assessed.

The final conference aims to communicate the results and outputs of the INFRARISK project. New research will be presented regarding the development of optimal stress testing techniques for European Critical Infrastructure, which focuses on potential impacts to the European TEN-T (road and rail) network due to natural hazards, such as earthquakes, floods, and landslides.

The conference will address the following INFRARISK topics:

–       Stress testing framework

–       Road and rail example case studies

–       INFRARISK Decision Support Tool (IDST)

–       INFRARISK GIS Knowledge Base

The conference will take place next Thursday, 29th September 2016 in Madrid

Participation is open to all persons interested in this conference.

We encourage you to register for the conference early as the number of participants is limited by the number of seats in the conference room.

Please send your full name along with the name of your institution/company/project and your contact details via E-mail to

There is no participation fee associated with the conference

Additional information can be found in the attached document

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