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A project to install inlaid durable pavement markings at two locations in the southern interior is now complete.

“High-tech inlaid line markings were installed along Highway 1 on the Kamloops bypass, as well as along Highway 97 in Quesnel, using a plastic product called methyl methacrylate,” said Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure Todd Stone. “Recessing these durable line markings in the pavement extends the life of the road markings in high-traffic areas, as they are more resistant to wear from snow-plow blades or other heavy industrial vehicles.”

Approximately 10 kilometres of the Highway 97 arterial in Quesnel, from Quesnel Hydraulic Road to the Highway 26 junction, now has durable centreline and lane line pavement markings. In addition, four kilometres of Highway 1 from the Sagebrush Overpass to the Copperhead Underpass through Kamloops is also complete.

“These tougher inlaid line markings will improve visibility and safety on our roads and their durability will also save tax payers money in the long term,” said Cariboo-North MLA Coralee Oakes. “I’m glad to see these improvements coming to Quesnel, for the safety of our residents and all those who pass through our city.”

Inlaid durable pavement markings enhance the delineation of travel lanes and provide safer driving conditions for the traveling public and commercial users.

The contract value was approximately $318,000 and was completed by Lafrentz Road Markings.

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